Embracing Technology: How Tech Has Helped Restaurants Adapt to the Pandemic

Between restaurants being closed to diners, guests' fears of touching communal menus, and rises in certain restaurant verticals popularity, technology has shown to be very useful in helping restaurants stay afloat during an unprecedented time. 

  • Due to restaurants being limited to only outdoor dining and, in some circumstances, only takeout service, online ordering sky rocketed in 2020. 
  • Quick service restaurants saw a massive spike in volume in 2020, resulting in a need for line busting technology, specifically server tablets, to help keep up with the demand.
  • At the table, restaurants shifted to QR codes to replace paper menus, with varying levels of success. Experiences that were optimized for mobile like Ziosk Virtual were more effective and easier to use than links to desktop website.
  • Technology hasn't only played a role in ordering, it has also impacted the way people pay their checks.
  • Many QR code payment options entered the marketplace, but often restaurants were then processing payments at a higher rate because it is a card not present transaction. 
  • We have seen increases in payment at the table through a Ziosk rise across the platform throughout 2020.  Adoption is as high as 92% payment at the table, up 30% year over year.
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