Efficiency Is Everything

With restaurant labor as scarce as it is currently, your restaurant's efficiency is more important than ever. Finding ways to to trim the fat in your server's steps of service will benefit your guest's experience as well as make your server's job easier overall. 

The easiest way to improve your overall efficiency is to introduce Ziosk on the table, by introducing one piece of technology on the table you can increase efficiency in almost every aspect of your restaurant's service. Here are some of the ways Ziosk can improve your overall efficiency: 

  • Allows guests to browse and order food not only allows guests to place orders without having to wait on a server, it also removes the need for the server to go to the POS to input the orders. 
  • Guests can reorder drinks directly on the device so they don't need to track down their server. 
  • Guests can call their server with the device, so if they need something from their server they can track them down faster. 
  • When guests are finished with their meals, they can pay directly on the device and leave at their own will, reducing the payment steps of service by 73% compared to a traditional restaurant. 
At a time where restaurants are struggling to keep a full staff, investing in technology to not only pick up the slack, but helping your existing staff handle their increased workload is a must. 
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