Maximizing Profits in a Pandemic: 4 ways Ziosk drives revenue during COVID-19

While we are still feeling the impacts of COVID on the restaurant industry, there are still ways to maximize the dollars you are bringing in every day, with the help of Ziosk.
  1. Maximize Throughput - Serving as many guests as possible is always a main goal, but now you have to do more with less.  Less space, less tables, less staff. People are still dining out and you getting dine-in guests in and out as fast as possible while still providing a great guest experience is the key.
  2. Communicate Offers - Even some of your most loyal customers need to be reminded WHY they should visit your restaurant.  Your e-club and loyalty programs are more important than ever. Communicating offers, features and high quality rewards for your guest will encourage frequency and in turn more revenue. 
    • Ziosk's loyalty platform offers your guests a branded enrollment experience, complete with a daily export of signups to your database. This data helps you personalize offers designed to increase the frequency with valuable, loyal customers.
    • Even with E-Club enrollments, Ziosk collects both email addresses and mobile phone numbers so you can communicate via either channel.
  3. Give Back - 2020 was a tough year for everyone and we all look for opportunities to give back to those in need. Multiply your efforts by offering guests the opportunity to participate. While the goal of this is ultimately altruistic, showing your guests that you are doing your part to help the community, whether it be by donating money or meals, will frame your restaurant as a part of the solution and will create loyalty to you.
    • Ziosk offers a donation module as a part of payment that let's guests either round up the check or donate in specific dollar increments to a restaurant's charity of choice.
  4. Think Beyond the EntreeNow is the time to provide as many cross & upselling opportunities as possible. People view dining out at a restaurant as one of the safer luxuries during COVID and it's important to think about it through that lens. Allowing your guests to easily add extra items such as sides, desserts, another round or meals to go will help you maximize revenue while your dining rooms aren't at 100% capacity.
    • With Ziosk, you can trigger up/cross selling opportunities based on guest interactions. Want a coffee with your dessert? Take some food to go for the next day? Order some more cocktails on your night out? Ziosk can support these actions to make sure the guest can act on all these opportunities.

Bringing in as much revenue as possible is always the goal.  The Ziosk platform can be the difference between surviving and thriving during and post COVID.



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