How to Keep Staffing Issues from Closing Your Doors

As we enter into life after Covid, restaurants across the country are having trouble finding enough employees to operate with a full staff. This is causing strain on the employees that are showing up, which is leading to situations where the entire staff quits.

While finding labor to fully staff your restaurant might be an unattainable goal right now and maybe for quite some time. You have to find solutions now to make an impact.

  • First, take an honest look at the wages your are paying and ask yourself, are they competitive? You need to compensate your employees for their extended efforts and added responsibilities without added pay will lead to your employees deciding that it is not worth their time.
  • If increasing wages isn't an option, look into other ways to provide value to your staff.  With guests ordering and paying with technology solutions like Ziosk, servers can take on more tables per shift without being overloaded and that could mean a 25-30% increase in tips.  
  • Having a Ziosk on the table reduces the steps of payment for your servers by 73% for each table and reduces table turn times by 9 mins on average. That's a lot of time a server can spend on meaningful customer interactions that will influence guest satisfaction and repeat visits.
  • Allowing guests to order directly at the table through a Ziosk Original, Ziosk Mini, or through their phone with Virtual Ziosk, will reduce a lot of back and forth to the POS for your servers.  More saved time; more saved money.

Ziosk is the technology that can pick up the slack.  And with an average cost of 2.5 cents an hour, that's way more affordable too.







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