Beverage Revenue: Little Things Add Up

Anyone who has worked in a restaurant knows that not every soft drink makes it onto the check.  While one drink doesn't make up much of a total bill; soft drink sales typically carry a 85-90% profit margin.  Add that on multiple checks over the course of a year and you are talking about meaningful dollars you are literally leaving on the table.

For example, one of our clients Main Event saw a 24% increase YOY in non-alcoholic beverage sales after installing Ziosk. You do the math.

Limiting soft drink revenue from sliding through the cracks is just one  example of how Ziosk can maximize your profits with beverage:

  • Ziosk allows guests to order their own drinks directly on the device, eliminating any missed drink revenue.
  • By putting this into the hands of the guests, servers can't float drinks on checks or issue comps on drinks.
  • Drink re-orders can be placed on device, so as soon as a guest wants another round, they can send that to the kitchen.  No more missed opportunities of asking guests to order another drink after their entree has arrived.
  • Placement of promotions of key items can influence buying decisions  at the point of purchase.
  • Upsells based on what the table is ordering.  Ask tables who order wings if they want to add a beer to their order or ask tables who order dessert if they would like coffee too.

Are you recognizing all your beverage revenue or are you literally leaving money on the table?  Talk with us on how to make all those sales count towards your bottom line.


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